self portraits

Herbert Gronemeyer

London, 1993
To most Europeans Herbert Gronemeyer doesn't need to be introduced but, as we aim to reach worldwide, i will say something about him anyway. Herbert is the most successful singer coming out of Germany ever and his last record sold over 3 million copies within a year. He is held in high esteem by politicians and other artists alike and is socially and politically outspoken. He was also a very well known actor and most of you must have seen him in the superb movie "Das Boot" where he plays the blond lieutenant. As far as this photo goes, it was taken in Hyde Park in London for an article in Stern Magazine. We know each other since 1988 when i finally gave in to his persistent requests that we do something and we are still working together now. Due to his acting talents it is very rewarding to have him in front of your film camera and we made 5 videos so far. Currently we are working on a book for Schirmer/Mosel Publishing which will consist of his lyrics and my photographs of him over the last 15 years.

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